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Lucy is definitely one of a kind. As a collaborator she is creative and flexible while being able to ‘hold the process together’

Vicki Igbokwe, Choreographer

Lucy is open to individual performer's suggestions and ideas, happy experimenting and playing, with compelling vision for the final piece. 

Sam Quinn, Actor

Lucy’s directorial approach is generous and collaborative yet laser-focussed.

Hannah Morley, Actor

With Lucy, there is no Ego, just Skill, passion, compassion and a large pinch of Anarchy.

Karen Spicer, Actor

I have been in the business for sixty years and I can list on one hand the truly good directors I have worked with, and Lucy is one of them. And she is FUN!

Joanna Wake, Actor

Lucy maintains exceptionally high creative standards when directing and devising work through a grounded fusion of dramaturgy, direction and actor training.

Gian Carlo Rossi, Head of Art London Met

Lucy is open, clear, decisive, visionary, methodical but equally welcoming of ideas from everyone...

Jacqui Beckford, Actor

Lucy is supremely awesome. I feel like had a masterclass in play-writing from her.

Sheila Chapman, Writer

Lucy has been dramaturg on all eight of my plays. She is an uncommonly good reader of new plays. Lucy is really rare in offering intelligent, informed, imaginative criticism without ego.

Stephanie Jacob, Writer

Lucy is a wonderfully positive presence to have in the room during rehearsals or research and development, and brings cast and crew together in an inclusive and collaborative way.

Tanya Roberts, Director Metra Theatre

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