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Lucy supported me in my first outing as playwright of a co-created piece about the menopause. The play grew out of workshops, academic research and testimony gathered from a variety of women and the performers themselves. With a first-time playwright and a cast that included novice actors performing material that was personal and confronting, the show needed someone with immense sensitivity, skill and vision to provide the creative, practical and emotional scaffolding needed. Lucy, as director and dramaturg - led the creative team. She taught me how plays are made and how, as a writer, to take the audience on a journey. We were able to be bold because we knew we were in safe hands and, thanks to Lucy, we made a show that was tightly scripted and performed but with a vein of anarchy and rawness running through it that resonated powerfully with audiences and resulted in sell out runs at the Bristol Old Vic and the Barbican and a nomination for an “Offie” for best Innovative / Devised / Experimental / Atypical play.  Lucy is supremely awesome. I feel like had a masterclass in play-writing from her.

Sheila Chapman, Writer

© 2020 by Lucy Richardson

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