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Lucy has been dramaturg on all eight of my plays. She is an uncommonly good reader of new plays. She attends with great respect to what I'm trying to achieve in the draft and tries to clarify and strengthen my vision through questions, notes, much patient good-humoured discussion, and rereading.  She doesn't try to make me write her vision of the story. She has many strategies for offering criticism, all of which enable her to be honest and detailed without offence or too much resistance on my part. She is always supportive and has a great sense of fun. Her wide experience as a director enables her to visualize possible staging, comment on emerging imagery, and help me develop the coherence of the piece as a whole when I'm still deep in the middle of creating it. Lucy is really rare in offering intelligent, informed, imaginative criticism without ego.

Stephanie Jacob, Writer

© 2020 by Lucy Richardson

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